Few entities have the direct impact on stability and conflict that militaries, police, security forces, and security policymakers do. But too often, the role of the security in conflict is mitigation relegated to tactics and lethal operations. Defense and security leaders know that force is an option of last resort, and recognize that today’s front lines are increasingly in the human, socio-economic, political, and ideological domains. 

Our team members have served, advised, and trained at the highest levels of the military and security sectors — in and out of uniform — and in the toughest battlefields of our time. We have honed original methods and approaches that have been tested and proven, and are passionate about sharing these tools with security actors around the globe.

We can help you with:

Training & education, including our “Transforming Crisis Systems” course featuring signature tools and methods for conflict and crisis analysis, planning, operations, and assessments.

Strategic planning and mission support, including Subject Matter Expert (SME) analysis on the problems and places Motive knows best. Our SMEs are available for pre-mission and deployed support globally.

Professional services and program implementation related to Security Sector Reform (SSR), Defense Institution Building (DIB), and Building Partner Capacity (BPC).

Training and program implementation on community policing and civilian security, including for civil society organizations, security forces, and policy makers.  

Signature methods aligned to doctrine that enhance campaign planning, including Whole-Of-Society campaign planning to align public, private, and civil society sector contributions to complex operations.

Operational design, planning, and assessments for non-lethal Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) efforts, Counterinsurgency (COIN), Civil-Military Operations (CMO), and Information Operations (IO).