Motive applies systems thinking, social innovation, creative partnerships, and policy expertise to help governments leverage their unique position for transformative impact. Whether it’s a national initiative to launch social protection programs, or a municipal effort to tackle root drivers of unrest, Motive works with national and sub-national governments to couple public resources and vision with the tremendous social, technical, and financial capital of business, NGOs, the media, and citizens.

We can help you with:

Policy and program design and implementation, especially in the areas of sustainable development, social protection, food security, market transformation, countering violent extremism (CVE), stabilization, and conflict mitigation.

Structuring & support for innovative public private partnerships and collaborations.

Advisory services & strategy execution support.

Signature methodologies in campaign planning, including Whole-Of-Society campaign planning to align public, private, and civil society sector contributions to complex policy or program initiatives.

Structuring & mobilization of innovative public financing and capital for large-scale, high-impact policy initiatives.