Motive’s originally-developed training & education offerings include our signature ready-to-go courses, OR custom training engagements on a module-by-module or other customized basis. Take a look below at two of our most popular signature courses and related FAQs for prospective customers.


Governance & Counter-Governance (Gov/C-Gov)

"Governance & Counter-Governance" (Gov/C-Gov) is Motive's 40-hour in-person course that presents frameworks and tools for understanding and affecting governance systems and authority structures in fragile and conflict-affected societies. Gov/C-Gov takes an empirical approach to examining how power, resources, and norms are organized and maintained in state, non-state, tribal, civic, religious, and corporate governance systems. Taught by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with unique operational, policy, and academic experience, the course translates theoretical concepts into practical, operationally relevant skills. Students who complete the course will be able to analyze, strengthen, subvert, or leverage "systems of authority" in complex and contested environments. Instructional format includes hands-on practical exercises, interactive seminars, and case studies. Gov/C-Gov is typically delivered over 4 consecutive days. Originally  designed for U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF), this course has deep relevance for policy, development, corporate, and other audiences, and is carefully tailored to support the missions and mandates of these communities. 

Transforming Crisis Systems (TCS)

"Transforming Crisis Systems (TCS)" is Motive's 40-hour in-person course that presents a suite of 6 tools and methods for conflict analysis, planning, operating, and assessing (i.e. measuring impact) in complex human adaptive crisis systems such as regions confronting violent conflict, instability, or human insecurity. Developed and proven to deliver profound results in some of the most volatile places in the world, the TCS approach allows security entities, civilian government officials, civil society, and market actors alike to gain unparalleled understanding of human patterns that perpetuate crises in complex environments. This course then equips students with the ability to effectively target these patterns and measure positive changes in the system. Based on a unique fusion of systems- and design-thinking, TCS's instructional format features an end-to-end scenario-based practical exercise, as well as interactive seminars and a culminating final out-brief. Originally  designed for U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF), this course has deep relevance for policy, development, corporate, and other audiences, and is carefully tailored to support the missions and mandates of these communities. 


"Motive’s tools & methods offer a critical and missing capability that should be integrated across the community." - SOF General Officer

"Motive’s tools & methods enable deeper understanding of the OE, better clarity on political implications of military actions, and easier coordination with inter-agency and indigenous partners." - SOF CA CPT


“I am often presented with complex situations with no clear guidance. [Motive’s] approaches are more effective and comprehensive than the Op Design I learned previously. Critical for all future missions.” – SF MAJ


“Anyone dealing with a Special Warfare problem-set needs [Motive’s] training. It provides a new way of thinking and approaching problems and can be mastered and repeated rapidly.” – SF NCO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


How can my organization access these courses?

For DoD entities: Operational units or HQ organizations can purchase each iteration of these courses as a direct purchase using a government credit card. Units typically prepare a non-government training (NGT) or other funding packet for approval. Recurrent course iterations or series can be accessed through various contract vehicles. 

For non-DoD entities: All forms of payment are accepted from commercial or NGO entities. For non-DoD government agencies, a variety of contract vehicles and funding mechanisms can be utilized. Please reach out to us to discuss. 

Where are courses held?

Courses are typically delivered at the host organization's own site or venue. Our Mobile Training Team travels to you. Upon request, we are also able to host courses at our HQ in Washington, DC, or in several other major cities in the U.S.

How does pricing work/what do courses cost?

For U.S. Government entities: Motive's standard 4-day courses are typically delivered as firm fixed price (FFP) engagements (i.e. all-inclusive flat fee), which includes instructor labor, travel, course fees, materials, etc. Pricing per course iteration falls under FAR-allowable thresholds for most CONUS locations. Pricing for OCONUS locations or custom engagements is available upon request. 

For non-government entities: Pricing is highly competitive, but varies based on class size, location, and degree of customization. Please reach out to us to request a transparent, fast quote. 

How big is a typical class size?

For standard courses, typical class size is 20 students per iteration, with a student-to-instructor ratio of 10:1. For custom engagements, participant numbers vary.

Can courses or follow-on support be delivered outside the U.S.? 

Yes! Our mobile training team has delivered courses and customized mission support all over the world, including high-threat environments. Motive is fully insured for worldwide operations.

How far in advance are courses scheduled? 

We recommend requesting course dates as early as possible to ensure availability on your preferred dates. Booking 60 to 90 days prior to course delivery is recommended. That said, we have delivered courses with as short as a 1-week lead time.