Official donors, foundations, multilateral bodies, individual investors, influencers, & others

We serve and partner with people and organizations who share our passion to leave a positive mark on the world through ever bolder and bigger ideas.  Motive offers signature campaign approaches, expert program design and implementation, and creative approaches to partnership that bring the public, private, and civil society sectors together in unconventional ways. 

We can help you with:

Program design and implementation, especially in the areas of sustainable development, social protection, food security, market transformation, countering violent extremism (CVE), stabilization, and conflict mitigation.

Empirical methods to identify drivers of conflict & extremism.

Signature campaign methodologies to catalyze momentum around large-scale ideas and initiatives.

Advanced, custom analysis & forecasting to chart and refine impact strategies using data and human systems. 

Opportunity scouting & diligence for impact investors.

Strategic communications advisory services & designing of media campaigns.

Evidence-based quantitative and qualitative insights into “wicked problems.”