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Motive designed the Governance & Counter-Governance course to address the increasing demand from military forces to provide operationally-relevant governance capabilities globally. The "Gov/C-Gov” track is based on the perspective that governance, defined as systems of authority, is inherent to conflict and warfare. The course examines State, non-state, tribal, civic, religious, corporate, and additional governance systems while also presenting action-oriented frameworks and tools to prepare planners and operators to harness, subvert, or strengthen indigenous governance systems. 


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Motive's Transforming Crisis Systems (TCS) course introduces six powerful tools integrated as an end-to-end method for analyzing, planning to ensure effect, and measuring systems-level change in human adaptive systems. TCS method deeply enhances human terrain/domain understanding, and enables planners and operators to develop airtight logic and laser-focused Measures of Effectiveness (MoEs) to guide targeting and to assess change. The tools presented are operationally-proven, doctrinally-aligned, and draw on systems and design thinking.


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