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Client Engagement Opportunity: U.S. Army Exercise Focusing on Civil-Military Operations

04-14 JUN 2018: Texas, USA

Motive International is assessing availability among our network of qualified contacts to support a client engagement 4-14 JUN. The engagement is a U.S. Army exercise focused on civil-military operations.

If you are available, have a BA or MA degree, and relevant experience in civ-mil operations, interagency coordination, or HA/DR, and are interested in participating as a short-term contractor for Motive, please address the following questions in your response:

  • Can you confirm that you are available and able to travel during 04-14 JUN 2018?
  • Can you confirm that you are eligible to be hired as a 1099 contractor by Motive? (i.e. no conflict of interest, not a federal employee, no other employment that prevents you from short term contract work)
  • Do you have prior experience supporting U.S. military exercises as a subject matter expert and/or role player? If so, please BRIEFLY list events and your role.
  • Please tell us from where you will be traveling (i.e. home airport or city) to support this client engagement.

If you have not already provided a current CV to Motive, please attach a CV in MS Word format (max 3 pages) and send your reply to no later than 21 MAY 2018. 

Feel free to forward this posting to qualified and interested parties. 

Thank you!